State vs. Federal Bail

California Bail vs. Federal Bail

Being faced with any kind of criminal charge can be a scary time, but being accused of a federal crime is even worse. The laws governing federal bail and bail bonds is different than in the state of California. That’s why when you find yourself faced with federal charges you need an expert bail bond professional by your side. Our bail bonds agency with extensive experience in federal bail bonds can be there for you. We can also introduce you to an experienced trial lawyer to help you with your case.

Things to Know About Federal Bail Bonds

  • They are not regulated by law or a bail schedule
  • Bonds are set at 15% the bail instead of 10%
  • A magistrate decides if bail will be allowed and the bail amount
  • Seeing the magistrate is not enough, a nebbia hearing is required before you can leave custody to ensure your bond came from a legal source
  • Federal bail bonds take much longer to process
  • Federal bail often has conditions such as travel restrictions, drug testing, and medical examinations

It is also natural to believe that federal bail will be higher than state bail. The one protection you will have that can make the process a little less scary is that how much a bail bondsman can charge is regulated at the federal level. Right now there are over 4,000 crimes that have the possibility of being considered federal crimes. Some of these include:

  • Bank fraud
  • Bribery
  • Extortion
  • Forgery
  • Tax evasion
  • Major thefts
  • Immigration crimes

If you are faced with a federal charge and need to be bailed out fast, contact our federal bail bonds agency at 818-495-6802.