Jail Release Options

Ways to Get Released from La Crescenta Jail

In the state of California there are actually many ways the law allows for someone to be released from custody. Some require money or another form of payment, while others don’t. Two of the ways you may get released from jail, you don’t have much control over. These two ways do not require any money or property to be released.


O.R., or own recognizance, is when the judge simply releases you without the need for bail. You must still show up to all court dates as required by the judge. The reason a judge may decide to do this is if you have a stable job in the area that you can’t just leave, a family, or for some other reason can be trusted to show up to all court dates.

Cite Out

A cite out is something that happens when your crime was trivial. The judge does not feel the need to hold you or force you to come to court dates, though you will have information handed to you about court dates you must attend. You will also receive a written charge or citation. Once that is done, you are free to go.


In the state of California there are two kinds of bonds; bail bonds and property bonds. Bail bonds are the most popular way people choose to get out of jail when they are not eligible for the above. This is because they only have to pay a portion of the bail cost as long as they keep their agreement to show at all court dates. A property bond is the least used method because of the risks. Property bonds are generally only used when bail is set very high, like for a major crime. The court puts a lien on your property and will foreclose on it if you do not show for court dates.

The last option you have after being arrested is to post bail in full. You or a family member can do this. This can be a benefit because at the end of your trial this money will be returned to you.

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