How Bail is Set

How La Crescenta, CA Bail is Determined

Bail costs vary in California from county to county. This is because a panel of judges in each county gather annually to create what is known as a bail schedule. This bail schedule is basically a list of crimes and their respective bail amounts. Criminal activity in the area and public safety are the main concerns when deciding these bail costs.

When you are at a bail hearing, and the judge must decide on how much to set your bail at, he or she will consult this bail schedule. Let’s say for your crime the bail schedule says the bail should be $10,000. The judge could choose to use that exact amount, or change is slightly based upon many circumstances including:

  • Your financial well being
  • Your criminal history
  • If you have anything keeping you in the area
  • If the public would be in danger if you were to be released
  • The seriousness of your crime

Usually, the judge does not deviate too far from what is set in the bail schedule, but his or her job is to keep the public safe, secure your appearance at your court dates, and to make sure a bail amount is not unfair for someone with little or no income.

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