Following Arrest

Arrest Procedure in La Crescenta, CA

When your loved one gets arrested in La Crescenta they will go through a standard processing and booking procedure before they are led to a cell. This procedure might take only an hour, but if the jail is busy it could take up to 12 hours to complete.

When processing begins, the first thing that occurs is a full search of the offender. The main purpose of this is to discover and remove any illegal weapons or substances. If anything illegal is found on their person, they could be faced with a charge for it. The second purpose of a search is to remove all personal items including cell phones. These will be inventoried and stored as the defendant is not allowed access to them whole in custody.

After this is done, the booking begins with fingerprinting. A background check and a search for possible outstanding warrants is also conducted. Outstanding warrants in other counties could mean a need for transfer after arraignment. The offender is then processed in the system and cross referenced and updated in the national criminal database.

Once led to a cell, the person should have the opportunity to use a phone. There may be a pay phone in the cell with them, or they may have to wait for the jail to take them to a phone to use. This is also the time they will get to decide from their jail release options.

If a loved one calls you from jail, be sure get all the information you can. You may be worried about whether they are alright, but you may not hear from them again for awhile, and this information is crucial to a fast release. Once you hang up with them, contact our expert bail bondsman immediately for help. Call 818-495-6802.