Bounty Hunters

What Bounty Hunters Do in La Crescenta

You may have heard the term bounty hunter. You may have even seen a movie about one. Often an action packed life of chasing bad guys comes to mind. While there are the occasional dangerous encounters with certain individuals, a bounty hunter’s life is not quite so exciting.

A bounty hunter in modern times is usually nothing more than a person who is employed by a bail bonds agency to find bail jumpers. Bounty hunters do this to receive a percentage of the bail cost.

Most of a bounty hunter’s job is research. Using information about the fugitive given to them by the bail bondsman, the hunter will see if they can locate family members or friends who might know the offender’s whereabouts, where any property owned by the fugitive is, and perhaps even local hangouts the person frequents.

From there, the search begins. However, a bounty hunter must be careful because they can only search the fugitive’s property without a warrant. They must have permission or even a warrant to enter the property of friends and family members of the fugitive.

A bounty hunter needs to have proof on hand that the person is a fugitive as well as permission to arrest the fugitive without the Miranda rights from the bail bonds company.

Our country is actually only one of two allowing for bounty hunting. The other county is the Philippines. However, not all of the states even allow for it, and many states have restrictions regarding training requirements and their rights.

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