Bail Costs

La Crescenta Bail Costs

In the state of California, bail is completely regulated. The current law states that any bond must be 10% of the total bail cost. This decision was made by the California Department of Insurance and set into law. The point of a bail bond is to allow for a percentage of the bail to be paid in order to be released from jail rather than paying the whole sum upfront. While going this route is very convenient and popular, remember that this money will not be returned.

Before any bail bonds agent can do business with you, they must have been licensed with the California department of Insurance as well as the agency they work for. Only these such bondsmen can help with your release from jail. Non-licensed entities offering you a fee of less than 10% of the bail are acting outside of the law.

Generally this 10% premium is paid upfront as well as some form of collateral. Collateral is any property or money that is held to ensure that you show up to all your court dates. If you do this, your collateral is then returned at the end of your trial. There are some cases where no or little money is required upfront. Many bail bonds agents also offer flexible payment plans.

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