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Bail Costs

Bail Costs In the state of California, bail is completely regulated. The current law states that any bond must be 10% of the total bail cost. This decision was made by the California Department of Insurance and set into law. The point of a bail bond is to allow for a percentage of the bail...Read More

Bounty Hunters

What Bounty Hunters Do in You may have heard the term bounty hunter. You may have even seen a movie about one. Often an action packed life of chasing bad guys comes to mind. While there are the occasional dangerous encounters with certain individuals, a bounty hunter’s life is not quite so exciting. A bounty...Read More

Following Arrest

Arrest Procedure in , When your loved one gets arrested in they will go through a standard processing and booking procedure before they are led to a cell. This procedure might take only an hour, but if the jail is busy it could take up to 12 hours to complete. When processing begins, the first...Read More

How Bail is Set

How , Bail is Determined Bail costs vary in California from county to county. This is because a panel of judges in each county gather annually to create what is known as a bail schedule. This bail schedule is basically a list of crimes and their respective bail amounts. Criminal activity in the area and...Read More

Jail Release Options

Ways to Get Released from Jail In the state of California there are actually many ways the law allows for someone to be released from custody. Some require money or another form of payment, while others don’t. Two of the ways you may get released from jail, you don’t have much control over. These two...Read More

State vs. Federal Bail

California Bail vs. Federal Bail Being faced with any kind of criminal charge can be a scary time, but being accused of a federal crime is even worse. The laws governing federal bail and bail bonds is different than in the state of California. That’s why when you find yourself faced with federal charges you...Read More
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